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Title Fight (by Brianna Collins)
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Beautiful day at home.
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In my opinion two of the best Emo/Indie Punk bands around right now.
The Winter Passing from Midlands, Ireland, for fans of Tigers Jaw and Brand New. Beautiful music from beautiful people with beautiful accents.
Algernon Doll from Glasgow, Scotland. Touring off the back of their recent release Omphalic, which has been greatly received all around the DIY punk community. 
Both these bands are incredible, and I would strongly advise attending your local show and supporting your local scene. 
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List of Scottish bands we should ALL be listening to.

Wolves at Heart - Glasgow based Pop Punk

The Sinking Feeling - Glasgow based Emo Punk

Grader - Aberdeen based Melodic Hardcore

GUNFINGER - Glasgow based DIY Punk

BOAK - Aberdeen based PowerViolence

Clearer the Sky - Aberdeen based Post Hardcore

DREAD - Glasgow based DIY Punk

Lost Limbs - Glasgow based Indie Screamo

Set Astray - Stirling based Beatdown Hardcore

War Charge - Edinburgh based Hardcore

Trial & Error - Stirling based Hardcore 

Monroe - Aberdeen based Melodic Hardcore

Lung Season - Aberdeen based Punk

Flakes - Glasgow based Emo

DIRTDRINKER - Aberdeen based Noise Groove

In Tongues - Glasgow based Hardcore

Pinact - Aberdeen/Glasgow based Indie Punk

Bright Side - Edinburgh/West Lothian based Melodic Hardcore

Bear Arms - Glasgow based Indie Rock

Frontline - Glasgow based Beatdown Hardcore

The Great Albatross - Glasgow based Indie Emo

Inuit - Glasgow based Instrumental Rock

Algernon Doll - Glasgow based Grunge/Emo

Bonehouse - Dundee based Punk/Emo

Bad Luck - Glasgow based Indie Punk

Cavalcades - Aberdeen based Emo/Punk

Struggle Town Records

Black Lake Records 

Thanks For Nothing Records


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A seven song EP from the Granite City Hardcore band. This band are a hard working band travelling all over the UK to play festivals much lower down the bill than they deserve. The bands vocals are raspy and full of emotion. 
This EP builds up to an emotional ending with the song “On My Mind”. 
This band are local heroes in the North East of Scotland, and always put on an intense and intimate performance.
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Very excited about this new UK punk band. South Coast Misery Punk is beautiful.
and of course their debut EP is a free download. Trust me its worth checking out.
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Up Front.
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LTA at Reading&Leeds festival!!
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Want to get back into using tumblr but i have hardly any band blogs on my dash anymore. also im seeing Lower Than Atlantis tomorrow night at a 200 capacity venue. StageD